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Identify new molecules controlling osteo-articular joint destruction and repair

Identify new molecules controlling osteo-articular destruction in an inflammatory or mechanical context

The osteoarthritis project is centered on the molecular mechanisms of catabolic mediators (IL6) and the regeneration (Lin28a) of the cartilage. Our previous results show that IL6 exerts a catabolic role on cartilage and osteoarthritis, however, a systemic inhibition not relevant due to potential severe side effects. In order to identify more specific chondrocyte-specific downstream targets, we have conducted a transcriptomic high-throughput sequencing (RNAseq) analysis of the “whole genome” and identified several IL-6 target genes including CCL2 / CL7 chemokines and SerpinA3N. These candidate molecules will be analyzed at the mechanistic cell and tissue levels will be and integrated using KO mice before and after induction of joint instability. This project led by P. Richette is funded by industrial credits.

The second part will be focused on the regeneration of cartilage, in particular the mechanisms of cell reprogramming (Éric Hay). LIN28 is a post-transcriptional regulator of RNAs involved in pluripotency, differentiation and cell proliferation during development. The chondrocyte expression of Lin28 may be lost during aging and in osteoarthritis. We will analyze the reactivation capacity of Lin28 in senescent / osteoarthritic chondrocyte to induce cell reprogramming and allow the switch to a fully functional chondrocyte. For this purpose, mice with inducible conditional invalidation and overexpression of Lin28 will be subjected to experimental osteoarthritis. We will analyze the metabolic mechanisms at the origin of the programming. This project is supported by the Road network.









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