Microcrystal and diseases

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Microcrystal and diseases

Three kinds of crystals are responsible of rheumatic diseases: monosodium urate crystals give rise to gout, calcium pyrophosphate (CPP) crystals to chondrocalcinosis or CPP deposition disease and basic phosphate calcium crystals to hydroxyapatite rheumatism.  Gout and CPP disease are the most frequent adult inflammatory arthritis. All three crystals induce a self-limiting acute inflammatory arthritis which is an interleukin (IL)-1β driven reaction. IL-1β production is a two-step process involving NF-κB and inflammasome NLRP3 activation.

We aim to understand how crystals are formed, how crystals trigger inflammation and how this inflammation self-resolves.

We combine in vitro, in vivo and translational researches using mouse models and human samples collected in crystal-related disease cohorts. We use infrared-spectroscopy, electronic microscopy and synchrotron to characterize different crystals.

We focus on the role of metabolism switch, production of reactive oxygen species and crystal-cell membrane interaction in crystal-induced inflammation. We have identified new targets in calcium-containing crystal diseases and assess their effects in clinical trials.

We organize the annual European Crystal Network meeting that permits multidisciplinary approach and collaboration in crystal-related diseases.

We set up a partnership between Paris 7 University and Ho-Chi-Minh University and create the French-Vietnamese center dedicated to gout management based on basic, functional genomics and therapeutical approaches.


EA Korng
LIOTE Frédéric

C. Leroy Thèse
A. Gauffenic Thèse
T.-W. Chirayath Thèse



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