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Molecular and genetic characterization of the new risk factors of bone diseases and response to treatments

Lrp5 gene has a prominent place among the identified genes of our osteoporotic cohort. Lrp5 activates the non-canonical Wnt pathway considered initially as predominant but also the non-canonical pathways. The link between the mutation and bone cell function, the mechanisms of regulation of the Wnt pathways and the impact of anti-sclerostin therapies in the presence of this mutation are unknown. Our goals are to characterize the bone impact of: 1) the p.Val667Met mutation by analyzing the bone phenotype of mutated p.Val667Met mice that will be delivered end of 2017, 2) the mutation on Wnt pathways in stromal progenitors and in bone cells, 3) Anti-sclerostin antibodies in the presence of the mutation. Finally, the genetic approach of bone fragility is part of a larger project to phenotypically characterize rare bone diseases in adulthood and the response to new therapies. Our label as an adult reference center supports this clinical research project and is illustrated by the industrial therapeutic trials for progressive ossifying dysplasia and osteogenesis imperfecta. The approach based on pathophysiology and molecular targeting will be applied to osteoporosis and tumor bone.

The identification of factors involved in bone anabolism remains a priority. The specification of osteoblastic differentiation will be investigated for the identification of partners of Dlx5, a transcription factor that commits towards terminal differentiation. Partners involved in terminal differentiation will be found by proteomics, in silico techniques and crystallography at different stages of differentiation.


COLLET Corinne

ORCEL Philippe


PU PH Directrice



S. Fabre Thèse
M. Ricquebourg Technicienne


P.E. Cailleaux Thèse



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